Why do you want to be a Scrum Master?

From the professional experience, I have so far, I have more than once fallen into situations in an organization in which all departments work effectively for themselves, but there is a lack of integrity in the organization.

The main problem in most cases is the lack of communication in the individual units. As a team manager, I was tasked with the difficult task, together with other department managers, to clear the obstacles that stood in the way of the work of individual units and their work as a whole mechanism.

I lost a lot of time trying to create a methodology for working in the department, to organize the work in it, to motivate employees, to make it more effective. The same efforts were made by the managers of the other departments.

When I came to the solution of all the problems for myself, it was so surprisingly simple and easy for me. I realized that we had wasted a lot of time and effort in the completely wrong direction.

The main problem was the different points of view of each of the departments in terms of the processes that took place in the company.

We needed a “translator” to make sure each time that the work done by a department met the expectations and needs of the departments involved.

I learned about the position as a master from my close friend. When he told me about the basic principles and the essence of this position, I immediately made an analogy with the company in which I worked. I realized that this is a framework that can be applied in many different organizations.

This is a way to give the necessary freedom to each role in the chain, with the individual teams responsible for the activities that fall within their competence. The Scrum Master is the unifying unit that facilitates the flow of information and removes obstacles in the work process.

I believed in the meaning of this role, thanks to my own experience. And the fact that I came to this conclusion in a completely different context from the generally accepted for the scrum master only proves that the framework finds a much wider application than project management.

For me, Scrum Master is:

common sense of the situation in a particular environment;
the human factor, which cannot be replaced by methodology or standard;
creativity, flexibility, and freedom;
the future in project management and more.

What do you expect from the Scrum Master profession?

I expect to find realization in this profession because for me it is a very interesting challenge. I believe that in combination with the education and experience I have at the moment, I can benefit from many projects and organizations.

I do not expect that creating an effective scrum environment is an easy task, but creating it would be a process that will enrich my professional experience, challenge me, make me a better professional, and give me a different perspective on the IT sector.

What are the things that worry you the most at this stage?

My biggest concern is that I have worked in a different field and I have to start upgrading from scratch. This would be skeptical of future employers and would reduce my chances of other candidates.
I am also worried that I am unfamiliar with the terminology and will need to apply it in a work environment to understand the meaning and practical meaning of the terms used.


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What problems do you think you will have in your work?

The main problem, in my opinion, is the misconception that a Scrum Master is a person who interferes in the work of developers without understanding it.

This is precisely the meaning of this role – to provide an objective point of view and assessment of where the project is currently located so that adequate action can be taken to work effectively on it. Here it is very important to clarify exactly is the role of scrum and that it does not in any way affect the work of developers, but on the contrary, its main function is to facilitate their work.

Another possible problem is that there are very few companies that work in moderation and it will be quite difficult to break their model of work.

But I believe that over time and rapidly changing conditions will force many companies to become more flexible and make their work model more adaptable.

By Michael Young

Michael Young is the chief publisher of and is passionate about all project management and business management disciplines from the modern education programs presented by the popular universities in the United States (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK)

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