Project management plan for change management

In project management practices and processes, the change management plan is a classic topic that is strongly represented in popular teachings.

In addition to being a theoretical topic, change management must be planned and controlled in a real environment where real teams work on real products. Reference: Change management plan in Project Management practices

Sample change management plan template

Here’s a sample change management plan template.

Project limitations

Defining project management constraints (These are the proposals against which change is managed):

Fixed budget set at _______ dollars.
Deadline _______
Minimum quality threshold _______
Other resources (people, machines, materials,) _______

Change of project management guidelines

Description of the elements that are subject to change and the results they will lead to.
[Specific list of the main objectives of change and the documents describing them]

Main results (example)

Software application with specifications
Creation of hardware, technical specifications and technical diagrams

Secondary results (example)

Task tree – deconstructing tasks
Documents related to planning and budgeting
Revised project quality control policy
Project reporting requirements

Estimation of the volume of change

The budgetary impact of the changes in this project is expected to fall within ……… to ………… dollars.
We assume that the number of requests for change will be approximately …………
We believe that the assessment and management of change will require additional resources of ………… hours.

Roles and responsibilities

[Note any special expertise that may be required given the types of changes you can anticipate]

The project manager is responsible for managing change and must present:

  • Requests for change
  • Monitor the project and recognize changes. See Change control practices
  • Tracking and facilitating the timely evaluation of change requests
  • Facilitate the timely approval of required changes
  • Document changes
  • Plans the communication plan to all parties
  • Keeps track of developments
  • Ensures that the team for evaluation of the requested changes has the necessary qualification

The applicant for change can be any key stakeholder, can send requests for change of the project to the project manager.

Leading evaluator of change

Organizes and performs a timely and adequate assessment of changes in terms of their impact on project results and constraints

Outlines opportunities and recommends courses of action and priorities

Ensures that appropriate expertise is applied in assessing any changes

Evaluators of change work under the guidance of the lead evaluator

They apply their specific experience in assessing the changes assigned to them

Develop options and action on change

A decision-maker for change is responsible for:
Approve, reject or freeze requested changes
Initiate an additional assessment if there is insufficient information to support the decision

Change management process

The following process will be followed for each change.

Submission and registration:

Requests for change will be submitted using the change request form.
A change as a result of a realized risk or problem will be documented through a change request form.
The project manager will scan risks and problems for possible changes every ____ [days, weeks].


A lead change assessor will note any special expertise required to effectively assess the change request.
[Pay attention to all the necessary areas of expertise and identify the resources you will use to provide the expertise. Before starting the implementation and control phase, it would be prudent to check the availability of these resources. Example: your project involves developing licenses that require legal advice. Who should give this advice?]

Unless otherwise specified, change requests will be evaluated within ……… ..days of submission to the evaluators.

Answer to change request

Unless otherwise stated, changes will be approved, rejected, or frozen within _____ days of submission to the decision-maker. The decision-maker may also request an additional assessment.


The project manager will update the project documentation after the approval of the changes. All changes will be saved in the document change control unit. Drawings, diagrams, and project specifications will be reissued when accumulated change notations make the documents unclear. The project documentation will be published on the project Sharepoint.


The project team and the sponsor will be notified of the changes after they are approved by email. A summary of recent changes will be reviewed in weekly team meetings. A summary of the change will be published to stakeholders and clients with a [reporting period is once a month] report on the status of the project.

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