Preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam (PSM, CSM, BVOSM) with sample questions

Preparing for the Scrum Master certification exam is not easy. If you learn the Scrum Guide and fail the PSM, CSM, or BVOSM certification exam, you will probably fail.

Unfortunately, passing the certification exam is not easy to know the Scrum Guide. To receive a diploma, you need to know by heart many additional sample situations.

In this article, we describe several sample questions and answers to each of them.

Development Team and Scrum

One of the senior programmers of the teams told everyone that since the team is large and he has a lot of experience, he will officially accept the role of Team Lead.

He adds that he will choose technologies, offer a way to work to each member of the team, and monitor the progress of tasks.

The importance of self-organization within the team must be explained very clearly and carefully. Reference: “Certified Scrum Master exam preparation: CSM, PSM, BVOSM sample questions“,

An organization where everyone’s voice is heard and decisions are made based on discussions and excellent communication and understanding. They are not taken alone.

In addition to the team and all members within it, they have the freedom to decide how to work, technical implementation, distribution of tasks, and to take responsibility for these decisions. Check reference:

That is why the atmosphere in the team and the relations between the people are very important. In this context of work, the role of Team Lead is completely redundant, and therefore it is not present as a role in Scrum.

A new employee in your organization, recently hired, tells you that because he is a novice specialist and still on probation, he prefers not to interfere in team decisions and does not want to take responsibility for working on the product.

It is important to note that in Scrum, responsibility is team-based, not individual. For this reason, each team needs to have more experienced specialists, as well as the number of experienced and beginners to be consistent. Reference: “Sample Exam (Mock) Questions for the BVOP™ Scrum Master Certification Test“,

The tasks are divided between the team according to the specifics of each of them and the capabilities of the person who will work on it.

On the one hand, everyone will receive tasks that he can perform and are within his competence. This is discussed in the team and there is nothing wrong with not being able to tell yourself.

At the same time, this will be a very useful experience in the field of Scrum projects.

But in the end, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in the team you work for, and if you think you don’t want to get involved, the decision is entirely yours. Reference: “Preparation for CMS and PSM Certified Scrum Master exam with sample questions“,

You understand that most of your team members have already talked to your HR manager and received permission to work outside the office.

First, I would organize an extraordinary short meeting to talk to the teams to make sure that they have the necessary conditions to do their work at home, whether this will in any way affect their work on the project and whether it is necessary to provide something extra.

Then I would make Daily Scrum have an option for an online presence. If there are people from the teams left in the office, it can be held live and online at the same time. Reference: “Certified Scrum Master exam preparation with sample questions“,

A member of the Development team introduces you with joy and enthusiasm that outside of working hours, he has written a large collection of program code that he can easily add to the product and through it speed up many of his tasks and some of those of the rest of the team.

In Scrum, tasks are performed according to the product backlog, which is compiled by the Product Owner. Reference: “Preparation for Scrum Master certification exam on Sprint event“,

All tasks that are planned to be performed in the specific sprint are carefully described as user stories and prioritized. Strictly works on strictly specific customer requirements, they are individual for each project and must meet the acceptance criteria.

The development team offers you the idea that you set an estimated time to complete the tasks, and that they focus on their work and devote their time to the tasks. They shared this with the Product Owner role, and he was quite pleased.

The Scrum master should not interfere in the work of the Development teams on any occasion and even more so to determine the estimated time for the implementation of the tasks. Reference: “Preparation for Scrum Master certification and tips for Scrum professionals”,

Furthermore, it is not within its competence and any such prediction would be unrealistic. Taking the time to forecast the timing of the work that needs to be done will certainly be less than the time that will be saved in a well-organized and prioritized work.

The teams of the three parallel products being developed by your organization have decided to reorganize.

Their desire is to be divided into teams according to their profession and qualifications. One team will be programmers, the second will be designers, and the third will be quality control. You have been nominated as an activity coordinator. Read more: “Preparation with sample questions for Scrum Master certification exam CSM & PSMI”,

The idea is completely at odds with the scrum ideology. The team of each project must have all the specialists necessary for its quality implementation. The idea is for specialists to work closely with each other and in sync.

The development team shares the view that User Story contains too little information and wants more details.

I will talk to the Product Owner and, if necessary, arrange a meeting to discuss details about the information that user stories should contain. Reference: “Free preparation for the Scrum Master certification exam (CSM, PSMI, PSMII, BVOP)”,

The Product Owner has asked one of the team members not to temporarily report problems and defects on the product publicly in your defect recording system, but to fix them yourself.

One of the main pillars of the scrum is transparency, and this situation completely contradicts it. Every problem or defect needs to be reported and a solution sought as a team.

This will not be perceived as a negative, but on the contrary, will be an experience of benefit to the whole team. I will talk to the Product owner and ask that the situation not happen again. Read more: “Free training to prepare for the Scrum Master Certification exam”,

The Director and the Scrum Team

The director of your organization wants to start developing three new products and informs you that for the largest product in terms of volume, he wants a team of 10 people. The available specialists for all new products are a total of 15 people.

If the most appropriate framework for the projects is Scrum and I will take on the role of Scrum master in them, then I insist that the principles of scrum be observed, because this is the main requirement and prerequisite for effective methodology. Read more: “Best Scrum Master Certifications for 2022 and 2023“,

My main responsibility is to apply the basic principles and to sit for their proper implementation.

One of the rules in Scrum is the requirement for many team members. The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 9. If this is not observed, there is a danger that the work will be effective and jeopardize the implementation of the project.

First, you need to look at the products in more detail and specify what specialists are needed for each of them and on this basis divide.

The director thinks that lower priority products do not need to have a Product Owner role.

Regardless of the priority of the product and its size, there are certain mandatory roles and they are vital to the project.

The absence of any of them is a serious hole in the procedures and would wreak havoc on the project.

The Product Owner is the person whose responsibilities are vital to the basic processes and without this role, their implementation would be impossible.

He has been carrying out major activities since the development of a vision for the product, communication with stakeholders, prioritization of the Product Backlog, writes User stories.

In other words, this is not something we can afford not to have in the project. If the product is not so high priority, it is better to postpone the start of work on it until there is a free person who can take this role instead of even considering starting it without it.

The director insists that because he has many years of experience in people management, he wants to be the general manager of the largest team, set tasks daily, and request reports from each member of the team.

The Scrum principle does not require daily task setting, report writing, and team management.

It is based on the Agile methodology, whose main principle is “Working software over comprehensive documentation”.

The team works on pre-set and prioritized tasks. These user stories are written in understandable and clear language by the Product Owner.

He is the person with whom you, as an interested party, need to communicate the final goals and definitions of the finished product.

From now on, his task is to break them down, prioritize them and hand them over to the team.

And the team, in turn, has the task to self-organize their work so that at the end of the sprint to offer the best possible increment.

The director tells you that for each product, the client has appointed a project manager, who in case of urgent requests, will assign to each member of the team, a priority task for the day.

Project Manager is not a role that is present in Scrum. His responsibilities are shared between the Product Owner and the Development team. This is the basic concept.

The client can decide to appoint a Project Manager, but he must be aware of the practices and ways of working on Scrum from the beginning, to respect and abide by them. Accordingly, his communication will be mainly with the Product Owner and the Scrum Master as a stakeholder representative.

It is possible to attend some of the meetings with the Development team, but not to interfere in their organization, set tasks, and prioritize. Priorities are set before the start of each sprint by the product owner as a result of previous communication with stakeholders and clarification of their current needs.

What are the most important responsibilities of the Product Owner role?

First of all, the Product Owner is responsible for the overall idea of ​​building the product and the full clarification with stakeholders.

He must maintain excellent communication with them and be able to convey extremely accurate and understandable user stories to development teams.

The Product Owner is also responsible for creating the Product Backlog, as well as prioritizing it properly. He monitors the progress, deadlines, and budget of the project.

Who is the manager of Scrum?

There is no leader or hierarchy in Scrum. But there must be a clear understanding of the responsibilities that everyone has. The freedom and independence that teams gain come with responsibilities.

What does the value of the work done mean?

The value of the work done can be seen in two different aspects – as value to consumers and value to stakeholders. In the first case, it will be expressed as some convenience or functionality, something that makes their lives easier. In the second option, the value most often has a financial dimension.

What is User Story?

User Story is part of Product Backlog Items and represents. It describes the user, what functionality he needs and the goal he must achieve. It is usually described in a short informal text.

The user story should not overlap with anything else and be written clearly and understandably enough. Its execution time is within the sprint (including testing and acceptance).

Why may User Story not mean a task that team members work on

User Story does not always mean a task that needs to be done. This can be a great idea that is broken down into smaller pieces to be implemented by collaborating teams.

Which possible start-up activity can be performed by the Product Owner role and stakeholders and why?

The initial activity, which is carried out before the start of the actual part of the project implementation, is the creation of a product vision. The Product Owner and stakeholders are involved in this creation.

This product vision represents the initial idea of ​​which group of consumers the product will be aimed at, which consumer needs and expectations it will satisfy, how it will be distributed. This is the basis on which ideas and concepts begin to be built until their actual production is reached.

What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Product Manager role?

In Scrum, there is no role of product manager.

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Owner role?

Above all, there must be in-depth knowledge and a full understanding of scrum, to have the ability to prioritize communication, to create value for the product for both consumers and stakeholders.

To react adequately in problematic situations and to look for adequate solutions. It would also be good if you have basic knowledge in the field in which the project will be implemented, as well as at least basic knowledge of programming.

What is the difference between the value for consumers of a product and the value of the product from the point of view of its owners?

The value of the product for consumers is the provision of more convenience for them. The important element here is the usefulness and well-being of consumers, providing a solution to their problem or facilitating inconvenience. Stakeholder value has a financial dimension or benefit.

How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development team on how they should do their job?

The Product Owner must have complete clarity about the expectations of the business and be able to convey them accurately and understandably to the team. He must explain the ambiguities to them and assist in finding a solution to a possible problem.

But the Product Owner has nothing to do with the work of the team, does not share technical proposals for implementation.

What does prioritizing work mean?

Prioritization means that the work on the project is divided into separate tasks and they are performed in a specific sequence, starting from the most important to those of less importance.

Why should the Product Owner role prioritize work?

Because in this way we work on the most priority and fundamental tasks. this avoids wasting time on minor tasks that may later become unnecessary. A certain number of Product Backlog Items may have been set, but in reality, the execution of a smaller number of them is quite enough to define the product as ready.

Why can stakeholders stop working on a product when, in terms of planned work, the product is not ready yet?

Possible options are to have a serious excess of the estimated costs, an emergency, or the demand in the market where we plan to launch the product is already satisfied.

What is the Scrum framework?

To begin with, let’s start with what Scrum is and why we should apply it in our company.

Scrum is part of the flexible method of product development and it applies practices that may differ depending on the teams in which it is applied because this is the main idea of ​​Scrum.

It must be tailored and as comfortable as possible for each team. At Scrum, the team, as well as the customer, are central to product development, and what is more important than the customer?

For a company to grow, it must improve its processes, even if they are currently working.

Scrum would help us reduce the time it takes to deliver the product to our customers, as well as make us more confident that this is the product they want. We will also engage more people in their daily work, which will increase their productivity and loyalty.

The reluctance of people to change their work habits can be expected as a problem. Initially, we will implement Scrum in several teams to see people’s attitudes, and whether it would optimize the processes, which will prevent unwanted costs.

Then, if the experiment is successful and the benefits of using Scrum are seen, we can increase the cost to transform the entire organization.

The Scrum methodology has a Product owner who sets the vision of the product, and the entire team is responsible for its development and quality.

Instead of one person being responsible for the whole product, we will engage the whole team in what will lead to problem-solving, through discussion instead of providing a ready-made solution that only one person is involved in.

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