HR and Marketing – two sides of one profession

HR on the employee side. HR market trends are constantly talked about and we often touch on employee focus.

This also applies to trends in the development of HRM systems. Now experts are talking about turning HRMS into ERM – employee relationship management. Reference: “Strategies for building an optimal model of a human resources management system”, Does this remind you of the well-known CRMs?

The transformation of an employee into a customer is increasingly evident. Calls to “Improve your HR processes” are being replaced by “Make staff work easier and more enjoyable.” As reflected in the software offerings in today’s market:

Young startups offer HRMS that is completely reminiscent of customer relationship management programs;

The “old-timers” in the market are adapting their offer and complementing the applications with functional blocks.
Communication data and history, personalization, relationship management – ​​we see these elements in working with both customers and staff.

HR becomes a marketer. And vice versa

We find more and more similarities and intersections in these two professions:

The task is to “sell” or at least attract the attention of the market. This is achieved through the brand (product or employer) and offer;
There is a segmentation of the “customer” (customer or employee) to personalize communication with him;

The desire to satisfy the increasingly demanding consumer;
Particular attention to the customer’s (employee’s) impression of using the application/software.

Both HR and marketing today are responsible for the people experience, trying to tap into the consumer’s desires. By pleasing the employee, the company automatically also does pleasant things for the customer, because a happy staff is more attentive to their work.

How will HR and Marketing work together?

How will these trends be embodied in a true collaboration between the two professions – HR and Marketing? Which relationship options are possible and which are completely obsolete?


Changing market opportunities will not leave the HR and marketing departments blind to each other. Companies value the synergy of departments, joint initiatives, and continuous communication between specialists from different fields. It is these elements that translate into a competitive advantage in today’s market.


We have already convinced ourselves that colleagues from different departments have something to learn from each other and experience to share. Communication with the employee and the customer is so similar that the management of the company must ensure the exchange of knowledge and the joint work of HR and marketers.


This option is difficult to imagine in the short term but can be foreseen in 10-15 years. The emergence of the “human impressions” department is possible with the strategy, methodology, and practices taken from both professions and aimed at working with internal and external customers of the company.

By Michael Young

Michael Young is the chief publisher of and is passionate about all project management and business management disciplines from the modern education programs presented by the popular universities in the United States (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK)

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