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Library of Mu - K Sera Sera

K Sera Sera- Library of Mu

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Library of Mu record:
Title: K Sera Sera
Date: 10 July, 1993
Journal: NME
Author: K-Foundation
Type of resource: Adverts
Status: photocopy
No. views: 7199
Description: Availible nowhere, No formats: K Sera Sera announcemnet

K Sera Sera

By K-Foundation (10 July, 1993, NME)

The K Foundation Presents



			**  **
			** **      CERA
			** **	    CERA
			**  **
		[war is over if you want it]

This recording will only ever be made commercially available once world peace has been firmly established. The responsibility is yours. Until then it will be heard only at selected state occasions, sporting events, music festivals or mass rallies. There will be no TV, radio or cinema broadcasting. K CERA CERA [war is over if you want it] is the interstellar anthem of the K Foundation.


Laying the Foundation of Time. For further information......


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Postovanje za KLF Serbia

Posted by Guest on 2011-01-19 00:41:16

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