What if I tell you, you don’t have to spend an entire sunday morning for groceries and other shopping at big bazaars or at the supermarket and coming back disappointed and thirsty with all the bargaining talks exchanges with the seller as you wanted to avail some extra discounts, price lesser than the mrps, but all they offered was some cheap cutoffs on some useless things or the discount was in some paisa value. Sometimes you might grab on heavy discounts and stuff the trunk of your car with shopping bags as you feel like you just won a Nobel Prize for shopping at discounted prices.

Discount coupons are in fashion and screams savings to me.

Imagine how you will feel finally buying that bag you have eyeing on for over a month now, you come across a discount coupon available to you for that particular brand.

lets start saving now lady header

First you will have a victory dance and will grab your keys and rush to the nearest store to buy that little bling that was shinning in your eyes. They are letting the customer to participate in the marketplace more actively, both the actual market and also the online space. Sometimes the discounts and offers are so attractive that they seem to be misleading, some fear to believe them. After reading some offers in the newsletter, the first thought that often pops up in one’s head is ” why are they giving so much concession, don’t they suffer from loses”? Will you believe, if I say that last week after shopping at the mall, I was given a free coupon to the nearest spa as the lucky customer of the day. At first I was happy and suddenly was dreaming about that relaxing spa when the bubble was bursted with the second thought that, wait what is the hidden cost or some conditions.

This might restrain some people from using and availing them. That’s why you need to swim deeper into the ocean to choose the right pearl. Don’t follow the advertising with blindfolds on your eyes. Be alert and always curious about the hidden terms and conditions.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.04.06 PM

These days when you can order food online or call up someone to drop 3 kgs of tomatoes and little coriander. In the world where everything is made available and accessible with the satellites orbiting in and out of this heavenly planet. The internet is buzzing with discount oriented application and websites. They promise to cut down some of your expenses with discount codes and deals. Not only on recharges and payments of bill, food ordering, clothing, cosmetics, taking a cab to office, even eating at your favorite cafe or restaurant might be offering special cuts on prices and call it “happy hours”. There are discounts and bargains every where.  You name it and you get it.

These coupons are not just letting the customers save their part of income but also it is being used in advertising and broadcasting their Ventures, new launches of product line,so that more and more people can be aware and the attention is focused on their franchises and products. After all market is a place where demand meets supply.


Have you always dreamt of having that perfect booty? Tired of your flat ass? Here we are going to list the top 10 foods which will your butt bigger. If you ask any expert gym instructor that how to get a bigger butt?, you will get to know that only exercises won’t help you get that perfect toned butt. The food you eat after a good workout is as important as the workout itself. You can do as much squats and exercises you want, but you won’t get any results as long as you don’t eat the right food. So lets go ahead and list the top 6 food for making your butt look bigger.


Nuts like cashew, almond and peanuts are high in carbohydrates and healthy fat, when you eat them , it directly affects your butt first. They can help tone your butt and get that extra fat needed to give your rear end a more healthy and a bigger look.

mixed nuts


Light tuna can be extremely good for you if you’re looking to make your butt look larger and at a very fast rate. A cup of tuna or a solid chunk of it (5oz) can pack up to 179 calories. It contains a good amount of healthy fats and can be included in your diet.


Avocado is an another food that will help your butt look bigger. It is a type of monosaturated fat and packs a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Avocado also helps you to gain fat only in the butt area and not in the stomach section. Avocado can help you gain weight extremely fast so you have to be careful with it

Whole Grains

Whole grains are high calorie food but along with the calorie, there is also a high contents of nutrients. These nutrients are extremely beneficent for your buttocks. It’ll give your buttocks a nice round shape. It’s definitely a great way to add a few pounds.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits should be taken regularly either in your milkshake or separately if you’re looking to gain some pounds for your buttocks. They will give your butt an uplift look and tone it to the right amount. It will benefit on your goal to get a bigger bottom. It is a crucial food in our list of foods to get a bigger butt.



Potatoes are easily accessible to any person and it has the most high content of carbohydrates. There is about 144 calories in a medium size potato. Add it to your diet and you’ll notice an increase in the size of your buttocks within weeks.

This ends our list of top 6 food to answer your question- How to get a bigger butt?. If you add these foods to your everyday diet, within a month you’ll notice a considerable increase in your butt size. You must not over eat though in any case as it may lead you to gain too much weight.


Far Cry 4, the fourth installment in the famous Far Cry series is a popular open world adventure game. Developed and published by Ubisoft, it is compatible with PlayStation 3 and later, Xbox360, Xbox One and Windows. An up gradation to the limited edition was available on pre-booking which included Hurk’s Redemption DLC featuring Hurk from Far Cry 3. It also included some specialized weapons.

Upon its release on November 18th 2014, game garnished mostly positive reviews from the critics who lauded the visuals and the soundtrack and specifically its antagonist Pagan Min. However, its storyline was a point of criticism while some were of the view that the game was similar to the previous installments and had nothing new on offer.

The game is set in the fictional city of Kyrat, a Himalayan country. The plotline is based on the story of Ajay Ghale who returns to his native country to carry out her final wish of scattering her ashes there. What follows is a long chain of sequence that brings him face to face with the region’s Royal Army and its head, the antagonist Pagan Min. The plot, like in many other open word adventure games offer lots of alternatives along the plot line. Depending on the decisions that the player makes, the outcome as well as the duration of the entire plot line varies significantly.


Development of the game was done by Ubisoft Montreal which took over the franchise since the release of Far Cry Instincts in 2005. Several other Ubisoft studios were involved in the additional development of Far Cry 4. Initially the developers were keen to make this installment a sequence of the previous one extending upon the protagonist’s story and bringing back characters from Far Cry 3. But soon they realized the sequel wasn’t turning out as well as they would have liked. Thus the entire idea was scrapped and a new game was built from scratch in a new setting with new characters. What this did is that it opened up a vast array of possibilities as to how the game would be developed. Some were of the view that the protagonist should be made to fly, taking the game to a whole new dimension while some suggested that riding a rampaging elephant could as well be made an element of the game. This idea in fact led to the development of the mountainous setting and introduction of elephants.

The game received many awards and accolades along the way. It received the best shooter game award from IGN. It was nominated for 5 awards in the 11th British Academy Games Award. At DICE Awards too it received as many as 5 nominations.


The game’s soundtrack, one which was critically acclaimed was composed by Cliff Martinez. It also featured several licensed songs within the game and in the trailers as well.

To add to the excitement of die-hard fans of the franchise, Ubisoft had announced the release of the next installment in the Far Cry series earlier this year. It was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23rd 2016 while it was released for Windows a week later.

Called as the Far Cry Primal, it is the first game to be set in the Stone Age and follows the story of the protagonist Takkar who rises to become the leader of his tribe. While it is yet to be seen whether or not this installment can rise up to the expectations that the fans have from this franchise, we sincerely hope that it would be able to rise up to the benchmark that Far Cry 4 has created.


Gifts are an essential part of social interactions. Be it surprise gifts or gifts for an occasion, they serve as a major form of gratitude and sense of belonging. We give away gifts on various occasions- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, child birth, office promotions, festivals, in reminiscence of special events, as a ‘thank you’ gift or for apologizing. It is a mode of showing one’s affection. Personalized gift is a top notch priority for all. It is a medium of an emotional connection between the giver and the receiver. These personalized gifts reflect the thoughtfulness of the giver. They depict the strength of any kind of bond or relationship. They have the potential to strengthen relationships.

Personalized gifts are ordinary gift items turned into extra-ordinary gift items just by addition of certain elements. It can be anything – specially engraved stationeries like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, notepads, organizers to customized clothings like t-shirts, tops, kurtas or kurtis to zodiac design engraved key chains, showpieces to customized coffee mugs, bags, wallets or purses to customized photo frames bearing memorable pictures or collage. Thus owing to its huge demand in the gift markets many companies, mostly start-ups, have opened up lifestyle stores. The leading types catering to personalized gift items market are illustrated here.


Presto personalized gift selling websites

These websites particularly target those audience who are looking for customized prestos. They sell products like key chains, crystals, desktop photo frames, name plates, wooden plaques, pens, clocks, clock stands, pedestals, souvenir items, gift mugs, ceramic tiles, pen drives, stones etc. Here you can engrave a short message or names of people. In some cases you can even add pictures of your choice. There are various portals offering these. One them is Presto Gifts . They have a wide range of products in different materials like brass, metallic, glass, ceramic etc. The products are affordable and viable in range. The price starts from 50 and ranges to 20,000. It all depends on the product and material of the product. Pens, key rings, fridge magnets comes in the range of Rs. 50-100 while crystals and branded metallic pen can fetch a price of Rs. 15,000 or above. They offer special discounts and coupons for new customers and also during various festivals. One can also get customized gifts according to occasions such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Their tag line says it all “a bit of you in every gift” .

Specialized personalized gifts selling websites

These are websites solely dedicated to personalized gifts. Literally the sky is the limit for them. Here you can get all kinds of gifts and all of them customized according to your convenience. Virtually no limit in range of articles from name plates to wooden plaques to bags, wallets to pens, diaries, organizers to laptop skin, mobile covers to coffee, key chains, souvenirs, photo frames, wristbands to clothing’s EVERYTHING!!! These are the ultimate gateway for personalized gifts. All types of customized items under one roof.  A major website selling this kind of products is print venue. The name itself suggests their agenda to print anything you desire on the products and sell them.


Like any other portal here you can add names, design like zodiac signs and customize them in different styles and colours. You can also select different backgrounds or templates or you can add your own pictures and customize. There is no charge for this engraving or customization. The products are of excellent quality and come in affordable price of 500-2000. Another plus point of this website is there offers. There is always some kind of offer, 30%, 20% or 40% discount or package deals or free shipping charges.  They have various categores like home & kitchen, accessories, business, office , clothings, products for gifting or greeting someone.

Personalized gift items to showcase your alma mater.

This is a unique type of lifestyle option. Here, you can gift someone customized clothings depicting their institution or colleges. This is for gifting a friend with whom you share a special bond since your school or college days. So far there is only one portal solely dedicated to this. Alma Mater is a website where you can order personalized t-shirts, jackets or hoodies bearing the name of your college or university. They have a play tool in their website which lets you doodle, add logos, change background and colour according to your convenience. The products are quite affordable and come in range between 500-1500. Here you have to order in a minimum quantity of 20 items.

Over-all, these are some of the personalized gifts portal options available till date.


Golf is an international played by hitting a ball with metallic sticks called golf clubs. The goal of this game is to enter the golf ball in the holes made on the ground with minimum strokes. The lush green playground with holes is known as golf courses. They are primarily owned by golfing associations or clubs. Hence, they are often to club members and their guests. However, certain golf courses are made for the public at large. Although a game mostly played by elite and famous people, the game has made quite progress as an amateur sport. So far it has been part of 2 Olympics. It slated to be a part of 2016 and 2020 Olympic games.

This game is prevalent in UK, US and Australia. It has its origin in 15th century Scotland. Brisbane , the capital of queensland province in Australia is the 3rd most popular city of this nation. This city is a major hub of golfing activities. Similar to other cities golf Brisbane is regulated by certain clubs. This article titled Golf Brisbane, enlists the best golf courses of Brisbane.


  • Brisbane golf club course :

This is situated in 70 tennyson memorial avenue in queensland. This private golf club is one of the oldest in Brisbane. It has been an instant choice for golfers for more than a 100 years. Their 18holes golf course has a world class range. It comes witn excellent facilities and clubhouses. They have various competitive events throughout the year.

  • Brook Water golf course :

It is located at 2 tournament drive in brook water region of queensland. a 6469 metres of sprawling golf course which offers par 72 courses. They have different types of membership packages – corporate or social. It is regarded as one of the best golf courses in Brisbane and frequently opted by golfers

  • Victoria Park golfing complex:

It is located in Herston Road, queensland. It is most closely located golf course to Brisbane CBD. This is an 18holes golf course having par 63 course rating from USGA. This is one of the few golf courses offering a diverse and excellent mix of city and suburb landscape. It offers a splendid mixture of lush greeneries and city landscape.


  • Royal Queensland Golf Club :

It is located in curtin Avenue west, eagle farm region of queensland. This prestigious golf club has been a 3 time host of the Australian open. It is situated at a mere 10 minute drive from Brisbane CBD. Inaugurated in 1920, this club was given royal patronage by King George V in 1921. This 18 holes golf course have excellent facilities including an 280m driving range and additional 200m practice range, floodlit screens for playing even after dark and short gaming facilities.

  • Indooroopilly golf course :

This is a 36 hole public golf course situated in meiers road, indooroopilly region of queensland. The club is accessible for both visitors and members. This is one of the best recognized clubs of Australia with excellent state of art facilities like 6 combinations of courses, GPS enabled cart, electronic scoring etc. they have strict dressing guidelines of neatly collared shirts, well tailored pants, spiked shoes and sport shocks. T-shirts and track suits aren’t allowed. They offer special corporate day bookings with unique facilities like valet for bag dropping etc.

Overall, this list provides a peek into the best golf courses of Brisbane.


For those of you who might not know, MovieStarPlanet is considered to be a social online universe. It has primarily been designed for kids in the age group of 8-15 years and is free. Each player in this is a movie star and it provides a secure, creative and entertaining social networking platform for them. These movie characters here become rich and famous by earning fame and StarCoins, when other users watch their movies. These coins are used to buy whatever you want in the small world of MovieStarPlanet starting from animations, movie backdrops, costumes and more. It’s extremely interactive and you keep rising up in it by competing in creative competitions and playing with friends.


After months of hard work by experienced programmers, they developed what is called the moviestarplanet hack. This hack is completely undetectable and allows you to get unlimited diamonds and starcoins. It also goes on to include free VIP. One of the best parts of this hack is that you don’t have to download anything. You simply go the hack page and after you enter your username there, you further select how many starcoins and diamonds you want. You can choose whether you want VIP or not. It is totally safe and does human verification after you run the hack, by completing an offer. Once this is done, you are provided with the diamonds and starcoins you wanted. This hack is online based on their servers and gives you all that you want for free. Their aim is to make sure you enjoy the game a lot and that every player is happy.


You might be wondering how this hack is so foolproof; well, the coders who developed it found a loophole in the game’s database and this cheat tool uses this glitch to its advantage and sucks the resources from the game and proceeds to distribute it all into your user profile. You don’t have to worry about being detected using this hack as it has an integrated ban safety code within it, which makes it perfectly secured. Happy playing!


With the growing number of diet-related health problems and rising population of obese patients, a number of diet trends have come on the rise. “Diabetes Destroyer” is one such trend which aims to help the patients suffering from diabetes to control and “destroy” diabetes by adopting lifestyle and dietary changes.


The creator of this program is David Andrews, who runs a five-star hotel. “Diabetes Destroyer” is the name of his book which seeks to cure diabetes by reducing the symptoms through the guidelines given in his book. Since it is obscure whether the author has received any medical training, there is a need of extensive research on the subject. The author did not receive medical training, so it is obscure whether the program is a scam or truly efficient.

To understand the extent of the reliability of the program, one must understand the ways in which it seeks to cure diabetes type II.

  • There are some dietary patterns that need to be followed. Close attention has to be paid to the portion and time intervals between meals. There are some strict rules like the elimination of gluten.
  • A thirty-second workout has also been provided along with other dietary secrets that help to lose weight and/ or increase metabolism.

All in all, there is no “magic” diet that helps to cure diabetes overnight, rather it is a lifestyle change that can bring changes if adhered to with discipline.

Here are a few reasons why this Diabetes Destroyer Review finds the program unreliable :

  • The guidelines given in the book, itself, are quite challenging. Although, the Diabetes Destroyer may not be a scam, it will be difficult to follow all of the instructions given in it. Therefore, in reality, a small portion of the readers may actually follow it, making the research subject population very narrow to retrieve a solid conclusion.

  • As mentioned before in the Diabetes Destroyer review, the founder himself probably does not have a formal medical education. Moreover, the contents of his book are not regulated by the law. There are no specific scientific researches that back up the guidelines and supposed facts laid down in the book. In such cases, it is probably more advisable to consult a medical doctor than take the instructions to be scientifically sound.
  • Most of the information about the reception of the book come through third-party reviews that have been flooding online. However, one will view with scepticism the amount of Diabetes Destroyer reviews that are given under unknown websites. This may probably be a marketing tactic to bring in more followers of the program.
  • Apart from the unreliable sources, the number of reviews from verifiable sources like news and personal blogs give us a lukewarm review of the book. Although these do not fully dismiss the contents of the book as a scam, they also do not fully support the benefits of the book. Rather, most of them echo the same message – the Diabetes Destroyer promises more than it delivers.


  • In other words, the benefits to be drawn are lesser than the efforts it requires. The cumbersome nature of the instructions that have been discussed earlier itself is a big reason to opt for less expensive and more trustworthy options.


The First Premier bank, America’s 10 largest issuer of Master cards and Visas is back with another great offer.

People can apply for a second credit card to First Premier Bank if they have an excellent credit history associated with the bank and they are guaranteed to get one from the bank. People who don’t have multiple accounts and have one credit card account which is in good shape automatically qualifies for the scheme.


The only thing needed in order to start the application process is the confirmation number that was received by one on the First Premier bank mailer.

The bank who is famous for working with Premier Bankcard in order to issue credit cards to people who are rebuilding their credibility. The program “My Second card” aims to provide credible persons another credit card who have maintained a certain standard over the years.

One of the strongest capitalized and healthiest banks of the United States is looking to tick more boxes. The bank is based in South Dakota and is famous for providing credit cards in the subprime range to customers who have below par credit history.


As per the rules of the program, the customer needs to apply within the stipulated time period and use the name, date of birth and social security number that was present on the first card. People should have sufficient assents or income in order to meet the expenses. The person should have a minimum balance of 10000 USDS. He/she should have only one credit card account and no application should be lying with the bank pending asking for a second account.

Also customers who already have obtained a second credit card from the bank in the last 13 months are exempted from “My Second Card” program of the First Premier Bank.


Just as in any other country when it comes to purchasing a property, that is, immobilier israel sur seloger-en-israel.com there is certain points to keep in mind. Getting a place to stay, an apartment, a land or any property is an important step in one’s life and it requires serious and deliberate thinking and the decisions are never simple and don’t expect them to be. What with when the internet is flooded with n-number of real estate agents, all ready to help you. Before making the decision to go on with this process, you need to first prepare a financial chart indicating your available budget and all other viable options also to see if you require a loan.


In Israel, both the buyer and the seller have to pay commission to the agent and it’s usually 2% of the price of the property. The Israeli law clearly requires you to fill out a form called “the request for real estate brokerage services”. Take note that in no case should you fill out two such forms because then you are obligated to pay two commissions. Although the 2% brokerage charge is there, keep in mind that this is negotiable.

However, the recent news articles on the Israel real estate market has surely made us nervous on thinking about the real meaning of the word “luxury”. The people there are quite content with the meager needs and it lacks the American-style luxury. There is also a case with the price as many investors had to pay higher installments than the original price.

David Rosenberg, a Haaretz contributor writes that the getter believes that it’s all very negotiable in Israel. It’s quite an open market here, he quotes. Buyers are also warned to give special importance to the exchange rates out there in Israel as many are foreign investors bringing their money from home countries.


Be it Israel or any other country, real estate is always tricky however; acquiring property should not seem frightening. With the right knowledge and agents, you are all set to go.

Real Estate

Pixel gun 3D is a multiplayer first person shooter, that is available on both google play and app store. What makes it different from others is its pixelated that kind of reminds me of Mine craft. It has both multiplayer and single player campaign mode. It’s fun playing it with your friends and defeating them on the basis of shear gaming skills. It also deals with zombie survival mode where one has to deal with zombies coming on the way. You can customize your character with different skins that are available in the game. There are different categories of guns available and most fun to use and difficult to get is the premium one. The game is all free but within the game purchases are present which makes the game more thrilling. All in all it is a great game with a robust community to support it but certain basic problems and glitches are encountered in the game.


Hacks for Pixel gun 3D available :

As a gamer I personally hate grinding for coins or gems and always like to find an easy way out. In Pixel Gun 3D hack iOS you can get those sexy premium guns easily by generating unlimited coins  without spending a single dime in store credits etc. First the standard procedure of running any mods on your mobile you have get your phone rooted first if you are using android or jailbreak if you have an iPhone. Then you can search for different mods that are available like one of them is hack root and many more of these mods are available. There are different tips and tricks that you noobs out there can use to get those guns without spending any real money.


Never upgrade your primary equipment’s save those gold coins for later purposes. As you will lose gold coins and will find yourselves on the mercy of others.


You need to change difficulty to hard first. Then get yourselves a premium gun like laser canon and then farm in the main campaign missions


Play a lot of multiplayer as those will provide you a lot coins. You can also play survival in higher difficulty level for coins

You can use these methods or go the easy way by using hack tools which will provide you with unlimited supply of gold coins for getting every available gun possible.


It also has a multiplayer chat system through which you can interact to players all over the world and make strategies required to win a multiplayer match or write hate messages to the losing team that we all love to do. Now this game also has an open beta for PC users so they can also enjoy the endless fun that this game provides. My personal favorite over powered guns are primary Rambo rifle for backup crystal fast death for meele fire demon for special it is the chain thunderbolt and at last  is premium Armageddon this is my personal favorite load out.

Following these tricks one can get the best out of the game!